Daniel T. Higgins

On the Campaign Trail 

Dan has launched his campaign and will be traveling across the Cape to meet with all members of the community. If you have an idea for Dan or want him to come meet with you at a specific place do not hesitate to ask. He is more than willing to meet with all members of the community to discuss the issues that affect you the most. 

Dan Higgins on the Sunday Journal with Grady Culhane 

Click the link below to hear directly from Dan. In this interview Dan outlines for Grady Culhane of Cape Cod Online the passion he has for the job he has held for more than a decade and why he should be the next District Attorney. Specifically, Dan outlines the importance of rigorous and continuous training for young prosecutors; training specific to domestic violence, substance abuse, investigation and prosecution of narcotics offenses, and prosecution of motor vehicle offenses. In addition, Dan stresses the importance and value of allowing his prosecution team to exercise discretion in evaluating each and every case individually - without establishing ill advised blanket policies. This individualist and case specific approach allows assistant district attorneys to determine - on a case specific basis - where diversion may appropriate and where a case must be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Dan also explains the importance of strong advocacy on behalf of victims of crime. In so doing, Dan defines as a priority the attack that must be made against those who distribute narcotics on Cape Cod and perpetuate the level of substance abuse that has harmed so many families and young adults on Cape Cod. Lastly, Dan tells Grady that his team of prosecutors will fiercely prosecute those who commit violent and egregious offenses against members of the community. 

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