Community Support for Dan Higgins

Over the past twelve years, Dan has strived to make an impact on the community through dedication and devotion to the criminal justice system. Please read the testimonials below to learn more about how Dan is the right choice for the next District Attorney for Cape Cod and the Islands. 


O'Keefe Endorses Higgins for District Attorney 


A message from District Attorney Michael O’Keefe:

Having run for this office five times I know that it can be challenging and I commend those who are willing to run. To be fair, I wanted to have an opportunity to hear the messages of those who have put themselves forward as candidates.

I am convinced now that there is a clear choice in this race and I am pleased to endorse Assistant District Attorney Dan Higgins for District Attorney.


Dan has demonstrated over the years his leadership abilities in the office he now seeks to lead. I appointed Dan Chief of the five district courts in our jurisdiction in 2015. Recently I appointed him to a full time position in the Superior Court trying major felony cases.


No one in this race can match his thirteen years of experience as a prosecutor. Above all else, this job requires judgment. I have observed Dan exercise sound judgment for many years. He has an understanding of the human condition. He knows that some people end up in court out of human frailty and he helps them through diversion and treatment but others, career criminals, must be punished to the fullest extent of the law. He has the fortitude and integrity to make decisions without regard to which way the wind is blowing.


I hope you will join me in supporting Dan Higgins as our next District Attorney.


Cummings Endorses Higgins for District Attorney 


I am pleased to endorse Dan Higgins for District Attorney of the Cape & Islands.  Dan has been an Assistant District Attorney in District Attorney Michael O’Keefe’s office for thirteen years.


Dan is a proven leader and a supervisor of his fellow prosecutors. It’s important to keep proven, professional leadership at work in the District Attorney’s office. I hope you will join me in supporting Dan for District Attorney.


Sheriff Jim Cummings

Higgins Knows Difference Between Sinner and Criminal


I was happy for the people of the Cape and Islands to read that Assistant District Attorney Dan Higgins is running for Cape and Island district attorney to succeed the retiring Michael O'Keefe. (Feb. 3)

Higgins is supremely qualified, having risen through the ranks of the office during his entire legal career. Very early on in that career, I worked with him on a daily basis at the Orleans District Court where he was assigned for a considerable time as a prosecutor.

He was unfailingly kind and courteous to all. He knows the difference between a sinner and a criminal, between a bad person and someone who just had the worst day of their life. He was plenty firm in serious cases, but quick to recognize when diversion or mental health or drug treatment was appropriate. He has earned the respect of his colleagues and the defense bar.

He has the ideal temperament for a prosecutor and would be an excellent district attorney.

Brian R. Merrick, West Barnstable

The writer is retired First Justice of the Orleans District Court 


Higgins is Right Candidate for Cape and Islands Community 


As a former assistant district attorney in the Cape and Islands District Attorney’s Office and as a criminal defense attorney in private practice here on the Cape, I have had the opportunity to work with Dan in various capacities. Specifically, I have had the opportunity to observe the manner in which he interacts with others, evaluates a case, and presents as a trial attorney. Dan has the understanding and patience to listen to all perspectives – those of the police, his fellow assistant district attorneys, victims and civilian witnesses, victim witness advocates, defenses attorneys, court clerks and their staff, representatives of probation, and the judiciary. Dan truly understands that when all of these individual parties and their unique perspectives unite, the right result is reached. To that end, Dan also has the experience and compassion to independently evaluate the merits of a case as well as the strength to hold his own and push for what he thinks should be done. Where a relatively minor offense can be resolved with pre-trial diversion or pre-trial probation while simultaneously protecting the rights and interests of the community, Dan will not hesitate - he will act to the benefit of the community. Where an individual will benefit from substance abuse treatment or mental health counselling, Dan will encourage participation and even coordinate access if needed. Where of course, an individual has committed a serious act against the community, Dan will unite with the police, his fellow prosecutors, the victims of the offense, and the community as a whole to ensure that justice is done. If such a case must be tried to a jury of the community, Dan has the skills to properly prepare and present the case in a fair, just, and appropriate manner.


There is no question in my mind that Dan Higgins is the right choice for the next District Attorney of the Cape and Islands.

Jon A. Ciraulo, Barnstable

The writer is a former prosecutor with the Cape and Islands District Attorney's Office (2006-2009) and current criminal defense attorney with offices in Quincy and Barnstable Village. 

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